Electronic Banking eStatements

Switch to eStatements for free by following these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Greenleaf Wayside Bank Online Banking account.  Not registered?
  2. Enroll now
  3. Click on the "Profile" tab located in the top right corner
  4. Click on the "Edit" icon next to Electronic Statements and select the account(s) you want to enroll in eStatements
  5. View the eStatement User Agreement and enter the Confirmation Code in the box provided
  6. Click "Enroll" to finish the eStatement enrollment process

eStatements are an exact replica of a paper statement available through our online banking system. As soon as your statement is prepared, an e-mail is sent to you and that replaces your paper statement sent through the mail. This service is not only convenient but eco-friendly too!


Frequently Asked Questions


What is an eStatement?
eStatement is an electronic statement. It is an exact replica of a paper statement, except that it is online through our eStatements service. As soon as your statement is prepared, an email is sent to you. It replaces the paper statement sent through the mail.


How do I begin getting eStatements?
You must have a username and password to online banking and you must enroll to begin receiving eStatements. A link to enroll in eStatements is available when you log into Online Banking. You may also sign up for eStatements through your Customer Service Representative or by calling 1-920-864-7901.


Is it secure when I transmit my account number from the enrollment form?
Yes. Your information is sent through a secure connection. To ensure that the information is being sent from a secure server, the address will start with https:// rather than http:// and you will notice that you are receiving the information from an SSL server securely if you see a closed padlock at the bottom of your screen.


What if I have a joint account with my spouse/other? Can I still sign up?
Yes. Only one account from the combined statement needs to be listed. If you receive a separate statement, then that account number would also have to be enrolled. You must be an owner to receive these statements.


Are eStatements available for businesses?
Yes. However, accounts that do not agree to check safekeeping cannot be enrolled.


How do I view eStatements?

We will send you an email when your eStatement is available. The email will provide a website link for you to access your eStatement.  After clicking on the link, you will be directed to log in to online banking.  Once logged in, click on the "Accounts" tab and then click on the "Documents" tab, this will provide a list of the months that statements are available for viewing. All of your combined accounts will be on this eStatement. (Some accounts may not be eligible for combined statements.)

Any account that is on a combined statement will only be viewable through the primary checking account.


How do eStatements compare with my Previous Statement?

eStatements are an exact replica of the statement you had been receiving in the mail.  It is an account listing of the same period of the paper statement.  The "Previous Statement" link displays all the transactions that occurred since the last statement cycle.  The Previous Statement for a Checking Account, for example, will provide the Date, Check Number, Description, Debit, Credit, and Balance for 30 days after the beginning of that statement.  The eStatement will also provide a Summary of Accounts, and your checks sequenced.  The time period will always begin from the balance of the last statement, and up to sixteen (16) months of eStatements will remain available through our eStatement service.


Can I print a copy?

Yes.  Use the print button available on your browser.  This printer friendly version will look exactly like the statement you had been receiving in the mail.


Can I save a copy?

Yes.  Use the file, save as button available on your browser.  You can re-name and save statements directly to your computer or electronic device.


How long will I be able to see this month's eStatement?

Your eStatement will remain available for up to sixteen (16) months.


Can I go back to see last month's statement after I get this month's?
Yes. Each of your eStatements will be listed separately and will remain available for up to sixteen (16) months.


Sometimes I receive the message "No Documents Are Currently Available For Viewing".

First, try again. As with any page request over the internet, there is a chance that the server is busy.

If you are enrolled and continue receiving this message after the time when you normally would have received a statement, call us at 920-864-7901. We will verify that the account you are trying to review has been enrolled.

eStatements will appear under the main checking account only. All other accounts that had been requested to be on the Combined eStatement will receive the message "No Documents Are Currently Available For Viewing".


For assistance call Ashley, Tara or Lora at (920) 864-7901.