Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction

Direct Deposit

Have piece of mind with automatic deposits.

Direct deposit is a program that allows you to have your paycheck or government payments delivered directly to your Greenleaf Wayside Bank account. No more waiting for the mail to arrive or having to make an extra trip to the bank. Your deposit is credited automatically to your account on the date it is payable. You can then withdraw the funds from your account as you normally would. We are able to receive direct deposits of payroll, social security benefits, pension payments, income tax refunds etc. Call us today, it takes only minutes to set up your direct deposit!

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Payroll Deduction

A painless way to save money or repay loans. It's quick and convenient!

Have a part of each paycheck automatically deposited to one or more of your accounts. Check if your employer offers this benefit. With payroll deduction your employer deducts a specific amount from your paycheck and forwards it to Greenleaf Wayside Bank for credit to your account(s). You are able to allocate funds to your checking account, savings account, loan payments, IRA account and club accounts. Most importantly, it is a painless way to save the money you would ordinarily be tempted to spend. See your payroll department today to see what it takes to add a little bit of convenience to your already hectic life.